How Smarttrack works?

Once the hardware device is installed in your vehicle, it starts getting the GPS satellites position and the vehicle diagnostic data, interpret it and transmit important information over the GSM-GPRS network to the main Smarttrack servers cluster.

Because of the high availability of GSM-GPRS, The system works allover Europe. Even if the vehicle passes some regions with no GSM-GPRS network coverage, Smarttrack hardware device stores the position data and sends it immediate when possible. Smarttrack can be installed on any car,truck,bus,etc. The vehicle diagnostic information is only available if the vehicle is able to interface Smarttrack hardware device.
  Web interface

The data sent by Smarttrack mobile hardware device is received by the processing server which generates the notification events and stores the data in the database. Then, the geographic data servers process the information and displays it in the client's web interface.
  • GPS tracking
  • GSM-GPRS data transfer
  • Vehicle remote diagnostic
  • Smarttrack offers the highest technology integrated GPS tracking and diagnostic monitoring system for vehicle management. Smarttrack is extending the dealers network.If you are interested to became our partner please contact us at dealers@smarttrack.ro