Smarttrack - System Features
  Smarttrack keeps accurate records of the precise GPS position for all your vehicles. Also if the vehicle is able to interface our hardware, you benefit from remote diagnostic, fuel consumtion information.
Fleet management with Smarttrack.

Smarttrack GPS tracking technology provides an immediate Return on Investment (ROI) for the operations side of your business by increasing efficiency, reducing overtime costs and increasing revenue.
GPS Tracking

Smarttrack provides accurate GPS position for all your vehicles allover Europe.

Remote Diagnostics

Smarttrack interfaces with the engine computer of a vehicle to provide diagnostic information remotely.This option is available only if your vehicles are able to provide the necessary interface

Smarttrack powerfull web interface allows the fleet meneger to define geographic regions and to associate events when a vehicle enters or leaves them. This option is important if you want for example to be notiffied when any vehicle lives the working area or enters a forbiden area.


Smarttrack reports provides detailed information regarding the vehicles activity: trips start-end, millage,speed, fuel consumption.
  • GPS tracking
  • GSM-GPRS data transfer
  • Vehicle remote diagnostic
  • Smarttrack offers the highest technology integrated GPS tracking and diagnostic monitoring system for vehicle management. Smarttrack is extending the dealers network.If you are interested to became our partner please contact us at dealers@smarttrack.ro